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Ageing, or at least the perception of getting older, seems to be a big problem in Western culture.


The Anti-Aging Products market in the U.S. is estimated at US$14.2 Billion in the year 2020, which is a huge amount of money to be spent on preventing the perception of a process which everything, not just human beings, is subject to.


I feel that perhaps our resistance to ageing in different moments is due to an attachment we have to an aspect of ourselves which is exclusive to our youth. 


This attachment is what leads us to resist the natural unfolding of the ageing process, we attach ourselves to something which is always destined to end, like a season in the year or a chapter of a book. 


If we become attached to the past it leads us to resist the natural unfolding of things, it then becomes difficult and worrisome.


A period of great evolution then feels far more like a period of great loss.


Ageing is a privilege that not everyone gets to experience, and it is certainly one which I have only recently come to realise.


I used to think that getting older was somewhat of a curse and something we all have to ‘put up with’.


However, as I have grown and learned to bring integrity to different areas of my life I see the amazing gift it really is.


As I have started living a consciously growth centric life I have found that every aspect of my life improves with every passing moment.


So I will enjoy getting older, wiser, more loving, more centred, more authentic, and in general, MORE.


Aho 🙏🏼❤️