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There are various observable immutable laws of nature, two of them being the law of balance and the law of impermanence.


The law of balance states that nature always strives to achieve a state of balance.


We can see this within ecosystems, weather systems and more obviously within our own body. When a system is out of balance natural measures are taken to re-establish a state of balance.


The law of impermanence states that nothing is permanent, everything is in a perpetual state of decay, destined to at some point cease to exist.


We can see this in everything, whether it be living or non-living organisms, or indeed any aspect of our own lives.


Why am I speaking about these two in particular?


Well because through my pondering I believe that these two laws have a divine relationship.


One seems to drive the other.


If a system is in balance, there is order. 


This is the universal cycle; creation, destruction, creation, destruction, so on and so on.


But we know that everything, including the elements of said system, will cease to exist at some point, thus there must come a moment when every system is taken out of balance as one of its elements falls away, and chaos replaces order.


It is in these moments that something must change. Either one element in the system evolves in order to re-establish balance, or something new is added or created.


Balance is restored, order replaces chaos.


Why is this important?


Well it is a very human trait to become attached to things, the elements within the system of our life, or within a system within our life.


It is common to become dejected in these moments, feeling as though we are at a loss.


However, when we understand the divine relationship between balance and impermanence, we can observe that this is just a natural unfolding of life and that we are on the precipice of an evolution in some way.


Either an aspect of ourselves is due to evolve or we are due to receive a new element in one way or another.


Therefore when we perceive that we have lost something and are feeling out of balance, as long as we do not allow ourselves to be dejected by the perception of loss, we can rest easy knowing we are entering into a state of change, creation and ultimately growth.


Aho ❤️🙏🏼❤️