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There are many trends in the spiritual world, as there are in any other world inhabited by humans.


My belief has always been that something is useful to me if it works, I see absolutely no value personally in doing something just because someone else told me to or because it makes other people perceive me in a certain way.


There are also trends which are useful for a time, but are quickly outgrown when one raises their level of awareness to a point they outgrow it. Like high-school, it was useful when we were younger but once we have outgrown it, it would be pointless to go back to it.


The notion of manifestation is one such trend I see which fits this category.


When I first started to walk my spiritual path it was one thing which excited me hugely, “You mean I can simply think about what I want and it will appear?!” - for someone who had spent a life swimming against the tide this seemed amazing.


So I excitedly consumed all information I could find on the topic, trying all manner of different things.


There were some exciting results, but something just didn’t resonate with me.


It all felt very much like and act of ‘doing’ to me rather than an act of ‘being’, which seemed out of sync with what I was learning about how the universe worked.


After a period I stopped the practices and focused on becoming more centred and bringing greater personal integrity to my life.


What I have come to learn during this time is that manifestation is our natural state, we are manifesting 100% of the time.


Everything we experience is a manifestation born from a combination of our conscious and unconscious thoughts, and our moment by moment actions and experiences.


Once we are aligned with ourselves, have learned to accept that which lives in our shadows and are living from a place of personal integrity our life becomes a beautiful depiction of that which we require in any given moment.


This has brought me to a beautiful and powerful realisation; once we take care of these things we no longer need to try to manifest anything, the universe takes care of that for us.


We manifest all we want and need, often before we realise we want or need it.


Does this mean that manifestation practices should be avoided? No, because they offer a great way to connect initially to the magic of reality, but it is also comforting to know that at some stage in our evolution we all reach a stage where we become aware that there is an intelligence greater than our own looking out for us.


We are guided and protected wherever we are.


I find therefore that when the time is right it is best to leave manifestation to the infinite wisdom of the universe, because it seems that is the way the game is set up.


Aho ❤️🙏🏼❤️