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Transformation is one of my favourite things.


Transformation in any sense.


When we want to transform any aspect of ourselves into something new, we must first be prepared to let go of the old.


As human beings there is a tendency to tie the things in our lives (actions, habits, characteristics) to our identity. They become a way in which we define who we are.


Therefore when we move into transformation it can feel like we are losing ourselves, and in some respect we are, but just as the snake sheds it’s skin, it is key to remember that we are losing nothing, rather replacing that which does not serve us with something which does.


My first real exposure to transformation was a physical one, I decided I wanted to be bigger and stronger. Over a 9 month period I completely changed my physical appearance.


I let go of the actions, habits and characteristics which had resulted in me having a physique I was not happy with and I embraced new ones which would support my physical evolution.


This taught something; I can change and transform whatever I choose to.


I also had what would become an incredibly powerful realisation; if I can make this much change in the physical, imagine what I can make in the nonphysical.


This gave me huge confidence and many lessons. I realised that life is one big gym wherein which we have the potential to be whatever we want to be, we just need to be ready to let go of the old and embrace the new.


I have subsequently approached transforming every area of my life with the same ravenous appetite and willingness to let go that I approached transforming my body with.


The results of this process have been:

  • a total career 180 where I have moved from a totally unfulfilling career to one which lights up my soul every day.
  • a completely new understanding of relationships which has resulted in every relationship I am in becoming far deeper and more connected.
  • The discovery of a love for writing, playing music and creating art.
  • Relocation from a place which made me unhappy to one which, to me, is like the garden of eden.


We move through childhood collecting actions, habits, characteristics which are not our own, thus transformation in some sense is essential in order for us to find true happiness, fulfilment, authenticity and ultimately…ourselves.


Aho ❤️🙏🏼❤️