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Very few things in my world have had such a positive impact as my ability to deal with uncertainty.


In my teens I was terrified of uncertainty, terrified of putting myself out there and risking looking stupid. I would hide away in the perceived certainty of safety my comfort zone afforded me.


This manifest as anything from not taking chances or challenges, to simply not speaking up for myself, from a fear of being my authentic self, to avoiding speaking to people who’s response I was unable to predict.


As I moved into my twenties this got worse. While I may have seemed full of confidence on the outside, I was trapped within myself, utterly unable to deal with any uncertainty whatsoever. If it was different from what I knew, regardless of how much it appealed to me, I would not go near it.


This made me feel sh***y, but I would deflect this feeling by telling myself that everything was fine and I was doing great.


There reached a point when my capacity for self deception was exhausted.


The reality of the fact that I was living inside of myself, fearful of grabbing hold of life with both hands, was inescapable.


My life as I had created it became untenable. 


I had to change, there was no alternative.


Then I heard a Tony Robbins quote, “the quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably live with.”


This hit me like a tonne of bricks, because it summed up my reality. My life was not what I had grown up hoping it would be and that was directly related to my inability to deal with uncertainty.


I started seeking opportunities to step outside of my comfort zone.


This was a process and something I had to work on, because it was so different to what I had spent 28 years doing. In that first year major change took place…


  • I started my first business, something far more aligned with providing me the life I wanted and something I had wanted to do for ages but had always told myself I was unable to do.
  • 3 months later I quite my job, a career I had grafted 10 years to build, to focus on my business. I won’t lie, this was terrifying but I knew it was right.
  • 4 months later we decided to move the family to Tenerife, within 2 weeks of making the decision we have completed the move. This represented a big jump outside the comfort zone.


The massive improvements in my life I experienced in that first year after making the decision to embrace uncertainty proved to me beyond doubt this was the way forward.


Since then things have just got better and better.


  • I’ve worked on projects and with people I could only dream of before. One of which being co founding with my brothers Greig, Bjorn, Alex and Damir. This feels more and more like a vehicle to really change the world for the better.
  • I’ve mentored many incredible people, humbled in evert moment to be able to support them.
  • Our living situation has constantly improved, now finding ourselves in a finca 1,000M up the side of a beautiful, forest covered mountain.
  • I’ve embraced a beautiful journey with plant medicine, plugging the depths of my soul creating a clear path for my essence to shine through in every moment.


None of this is because I am anything special, I am no genius of any kind. I firmly believe this huge improvement in my life is a result of the comfort I now feel when embracing uncertainty.


The comfort zone may feel comfortable and safe, but in my experience staying in there ends up leading you to a kind of like which is anything but. 


Aho 🙏🏼❤️