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We've all experienced those times when we're in total creative flow, where the ideas course through you freely and are so spontaneous that you feel more like a witness than the creator of this magic.


During those moments anything is possible.

During those moments your heart is singing it's most beautiful song as loudly as it possibly can.


So what brings on those moments?
What seemingly perfect set of circumstances have come together in such divine synergy? These are questions that offer huge potential rewards if explored thoroughly. The ability to get yourself into that flow state at will would be an all powerful one, life enhancing in every respect.


If I think about any time I have been in that state it has felt effortless, like I have stumbled into it in some way. There seems to be a real feeling of surrender, like all I have to do is accept the state for what it is without any attempt to control it.


But it also feels very much entwined with my emotions, and as though a big shift with my emotions caused by some event or trauma would take me out of this state.


By comparison when I am not in this state any creative endeavour feels far more like it is being over manipulated by my mind, like I am overthinking.


To me the distinction between the two feels like the difference between having limitless untempered creative power, and applying the limitations of my mental acuity to a task. One is non-judgemental surrender to whatever may come through, the other is me trying to take control of the process. One feels as though it is driven by love, the other by a core human need shining through and trying to manipulate the situation to my own linear perspective of what will serve that need.


As I sit with this thought it feels calming. Overthinking can be tiring, and believing that you have to control everything even more so. So getting to a point where the path to cultivating creative inspiration is best followed through a process of letting go of the perception of control, letting go of the belief that you know best and, well, just letting go, is very comforting.


I have thought deeply about times of flow and times of no-flow, and how my general life practices were different. The times when I have found myself moving effortlessly into a flow state have been the times when I am most conscious, when my meditation, mindfulness and gratitude practices are being observed the most.

This is so clear that now it feels as though a no-flow state has become an alert to remind me I have maybe become slightly lazy with my practices, for whatever reason.


Considering the importance of this question I am keen to learn more and ask, what is the best way to cultivate creative inspiration?