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When I was growing up I imagined a warrior to be someone who was the biggest, strongest most daring of men. The one who ran the fastest into battle without a care in the world.


As I have grown I have come to realise that to be a warrior does not mean being stupidly brave or recklessly courageous, but rather that we act with a sense of complete confidence and faith, totally congruent with the true wish of our spirit, always paying clear attention to the voice of our conscience.

Those around will not always understand the modern warriors actions, they may not see the value in what he does, they may even tell him it is wrong and he is wrong for doing it. It may go totally against common reason, but to the modern day warrior reason takes second place to what he knows as he acts decisively and with clear purpose.


Objectivity, intelligence and the hearts true wish are the driving forces which manifest into purposeful action. The modern day warrior has a duty to his authentic self first and common reason second.


I used to see the warrior as someone who would never show pain, never show fear and never show their insecurities. Someone who drove forward regardless of the challenge unaffected by any of the challenges along the way.


Now I believe that the modern day warrior is someone who can embrace all parts of the emotional spectrum, someone who can cry when they feel the need to release in that way, someone who can own the pain they feel when something does not go their way, someone who can show the type of empathy and compassion that can change someones life in a moment.


What is the Modern Day Warrior?