This is my primary space for authentic self-expression.


The questions posed here are just that, questions. I do not profess to know all; in fact I openly profess to knowing nothing.

My role is not to preach to you from up high, but to bring the musings of a real man to the table, musings I believe others will also have.

So please disagree with me, tell me I am wrong, educate me in your view. I am but a student on this journey eager to learn and grateful for your presence.

my projects


Working with my spiritual brothers Bjorn Lenz, Damir Mujic, Greig Schofield & Alex Finlay we create transformational retreat experiences in dream locations around the world.


During these 10 day retreats we access both ancient knowledge and cutting-edge ideas on how to raise your vibration, and thus your level of conscious awareness.


Bob Proctor said, "The quality of a person’s life is in direct relation to their level of consciousness", and we certainly agree. 


Through these retreats we've seen people connect to their purpose, rediscover their love for an intimate partner, remove harmful addiction from their lives, and much more.


Our next scheduled retreat is in Southern Italy at the end of October 2020, click the button below to find out more.

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Working very closely with one of my mentors, Rory Kilmartin, has allowed me to study his 15 years of research into relational power dynamics.


What are relational power dynamics? This term refers to the dynamic between the unseen forces present in any human interaction.


The Balance of Power Workshop is the result of Rory’s research in this field of study, and over 3 days serves to demystify the relationship landscape.


The end result being a deep understanding of yourself, and every person there is, so deep that every other relationship you experience will be significantly improved.


The Balance of Power Workshop is now available as a 12-week online video study group, click below to find out more.


Working with my coaching partner Nicole Picthall-Wittauer we have created Question Lab 42, a space for experimentation and play.


We take both exoteric and esoteric knowledge and playfully run it through different thought experiments and deep conversation.


We’re currently in the process of creating a free educational tool for circulation in schools.


The Unity Bubble is the finale to many years of exploring Consciousness by engaging in conversations with increasingly Higher Beings, Principles and Elemental Forces. These have been in response to question and answer using various gifted channels through normal conversational means.


It is understood from our frame of reference that the Universe is utterly alive and that any aspect can be contacted by vectored intent and pure desire for knowledge and consciousness evolution.
The creation of The Unity Bubble was brought about by a team of 3 individuals in response to a profound personal desire they had to “End Suffering”. An agreement was entered into with unseen Higher Conscious Friends, completely in alignment with “free will choice”. 


Thus “Unity Bubble”.


The original team of creators here on earth were then monitored for the entire duration of the unfolding process, beginning May and completing November 2009. This was so that they would understand by experience what others would go through on their unique individual journeys.

Something of this nature had never been attempted before.

The “Bubble” was not intended to be the “final pill”, rather an assist to entering states of higher awareness of self and the ability to connect rapidly with the Higher Self, contained in the information cloud. The “space” of the Bubble is purely positive both by its nature and in its architecture. It does not support negatively aligned vibrations. The individual is in no way controlled or manipulated and the “personality” is continuously free to choose the way forward which is original design. Indeed the person must continue to do so. Everything is earned.

Each Bubble is unique to the individual who is in reception.


As an authorised giver of the bubble I am able to support any inquiries you may have about this, which in my experience is one of the most powerful spiritual upgrades available.


Either book a call with me by clicking the link on my home page, or to read more about the Unity Bubble click below.