pineal tribe retreats

We believe the one power human beings have is the power of choice. We envision a world where Mankind has used this power in a conscious way.

We see a world where Humanity shares the very pulse of life with Mother Nature. Where lush trees and clear streams are respectfully integrated with man-made structures.

Each person, family, tribe and society expresses its own individuality with endless unique practices, customs and cultures.

At the same time, Humanity merges into Unity by sharing love like candlelight – by lighting another candle, one does not weaken the individual light but strengthens the united flame.


As our connection to the Earth and each other has deepened, we regained understanding of our bodies, minds and souls.


It is common to see children learn from robust health, passion and wisdom of elders well over 100 years old.


In this world, enlightenment and empowerment is a domain of all people. Nobody claims to have all the answers and each person is encouraged to contribute to the shared experience of the Spirit.


We believe the one power human beings have is the power of choice. In a world we see, Mankind has chosen to wake up.


We are Pineal. Join us.



The core of what we offer is transformational retreats.


Our retreats are vehicles for profound healing of all kinds.


Our retreats are vehicles for transformation.


Our retreats are vehicles for self realisation.

During the past 6 years we have hosted retreats in Ibiza, Southern Italy and Tenerife.


Our next retreat is scheduled for 23rd October to the 6th November and will be hosted in a historic villa in Southern Italy.

Our retreats offer a synergetic combination of ancient wisdom, sacred shamanic practices and cutting edge practices in the field of human development.


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