Sinara Charitable Foundation
is one of the largest charitable
organizations in Russia

Sinara Group pays great attention to social investments and implements a targeted charitable policy in such areas as health care, education, culture, sports and social welfare.

The main instrument for implementing the company's external social policy is the Sinara Charitable Foundation, established in 2001, one of the largest charitable organizations in Russia, a member of the Donors Forum and of the National Council for Corporate Volunteering.

Sinara Group is focused on unlocking of human potential not only among their employees, but also among the local non-commercial communities in the cities of their presence. The company gives preference to long-term projects that develop social infrastructure and create favorable atmosphere. One of their working principles is to consolidate the efforts of all enterprises belonging to Sinara Group, as well as to involve the company's partners in the implementation of charitable projects. Sinara Group provide their support to an average of 100 non-governmental organizations annually.


Sinara Charity Foundation
51, Rozy Luxembourg St., Ekaterinburg, 620026
+7 (343) 229-33-00 (ext 7661)