Tourism and recreation industry

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The tourism line of business in Sinara Group’s structure is represented by the Burgas Resort and by Arkhyz-1650 LLC, which manages the Romantic Hotel Complex.

The Burgas Resort is located in the Adlersky district of Sochi. It forms part of the Sinara Group since 2006 and specializes in family vacations and wellness tourism on an all-inclusive basis. Market professionals also recommend Burgas for corporate events, conferences, business meetings and top-level negotiations.

The Romantic Hotel Complex is one of the first hotels of the Arkhyz all-season mountain resort, which opened in 2013 and quickly became quite popular with the tourists. Many of them have become regular guests at Romantic, having enjoyed its high level of comfort and top-notch services.

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The impeccable reputation of Burgas and Romantic and positive reviews of their guests are the result of continuous improvement efforts exerted by the hotels. This is achieved not only through the long-term investment planning, but also due to top-level management, answerability and involvement of all employees in the process of organizing the tourists’ stays.

More than 700
guests can be simultaneously accommodated at the Burgas Resort
guests have stayed at the Romantic in the five seasons that it’s been open


Romantic Hotel Complex
Burgas Resort


Burgas - the best 3* accommodation option (award received from the city administration of Sochi)
The Burgas complex comprises hotel buildings, medical offices, beach, private swimming pool, children's rope course, outdoor cafes, outdoor performance stage and various other facilities
Burgas accommodates a multidisciplinary medical center that specializes in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, respiratory, nervous, cardiovascular, skin and genitourinary diseases
Romantic was the first hotel to be completed at the site of Arkhyz resort
Arkhyz-1650 LLC is the first resident of the resort to not only build a hotel, but also to create key infrastructure systems, build public buildings and develop public spaces at Arkhyz
In winter Romantic’s guests enjoy access to the resort’s skiing infrastructure, while in summer Arkhyz offers a rope course, horse rentals, sports ground and children's playground, barbecue areas for family recreation