Machinery manufacturing


The Sinara Group’s machinery manufacturing line of business combines the research, engineering and production potential of Russian enterprises engaged in engineering, production and servicing of railway equipment and industrial diesel installations.

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The machinery manufacturing division’s enterprises design and manufacture a wide range of advanced railway equipment, as well as offer warranty and post-warranty services and maintenance throughout the product lifecycle.

billion rubles of investments in development of production
track maintenance vehicles - annual output
bln rubles - division’s revenue in 2018


Sinara-Transport Machines
Sinara-Transport Machines
Ural Locomotives
Design and production of a new generation of traction rolling stock and multiple-unit trains
Tyagovye Komponenty
Company bringing together the best engineering expertise in the field of development of traction drive components and control systems for the railway machinery market
Lyudinovo Diesel Locomotive Plant
Machinery manufacturer producing shunting, clean-up and mainline diesel locomotives
STM Center for Research and Development
Kaluga Track Machines and Hydraulic Drives Plant
Manufacturer of railway track maintenance vehicles
Trading House STM
Traction rolling stock servicing company
Novosibirsk Electric Locomotive Building Plant
Repairs of electric locomotives
RPM Group
Manufacturer of track maintenance vehicles


Creation of one of the most advanced engineering and manufacturing complexes engaged in production of a new generation of rolling stock: electric locomotives and electric trains
Development of a new generation of high-rpm diesel motors - DM-185
Launching into operation of innovative energy-efficient rolling stock running on natural gas
Implementation of a system of lifecycle servicing of the Russian Railways’ fleet of locomotives on the basis of 29 locomotive servicing depots and centers
Entry into the international market of railway machinery, creation of alliances with leading transport engineering companies

The Sinara Group’s machinery manufacturing enterprises possess deep expertise in development, production and servicing of both mass-produced and unique types of machinery. This allows the Company to offer comprehensive transport and logistics solutions for urban and suburban transportation and mainline railway networks.

The Ural Locomotives factory is one of Europe’s most advanced industrial facilities for production of high-speed rail transport
The Company develops a wide network of specialized service centers for servicing of every type of machinery it manufactures