Novokoltzovsky facilities for holding the International Univesity Sport Festiva

2020 - 2023гг.

The complex of objects will be located in the Novokoltsovskiy area in the south-east of Ekaterinburg. Further, the Universiade facilities will be used for developing the Ural Federal University infrastructure. The project involves also some equipped recreation space and a promenade. The total length of the street and road network: 3,700 meters.

Water Sports Palace

The Water Palace is designed for training sessions and competitions in swimming, water polo, diving and artistic swimming of both Russian and international level.

Project parameters:

  •  Total area of the object - 59,766 m2

  •  3 professional and 1 children's pool

  •  The water surface area of all the pools: 3,372 m2.

  •  The stands capacity: 5,218 seats

Swimming Pools:

  •  Diving pool: 25 х 25 m, 5 m deep, with a set of towers and diving boards

  •  Demonstrational pool: 52,5 х 25 m, 3 m deep, transformable into 2 pool basins due to a movable side

  •  Demonstrational pool: 52,5 х 25 m, 3 m deep, transformable into 2 pool basins due to a mobile sidewall

  •  Children’s pool: 20 х 6 m, from 0.6 to 0.9 meter deep

There will be:

  •  Rooms for judges and competition organizers, coaches and training specialists

  •  Rooms for medical monitoring

  •  Own dressing rooms for men and women at each swimming pool

  •  Exercise rooms: a dry room for swimmers, a choreography room for artistic swimming, and a dry room for sportsmen involved in water jumping

  •  Service facilities including mobile snack bars, cafes, and souvenir shops

  •  Flash interview zones for journalists, a conference room, commentary booths, and TV cameras location points

Finishing the new sports complex involves the arrangement of various recreation zones, landscape gardening, and pedestrian and road network. 

Training field-and track ground

It is intended for training sessions in team sports and athletics. In the northern sector, a long jump area is designed, with a sand pit and straight runways. The southern sector is fit for high jumps. A large information board will be installed for convenience of the audience. In the immediate vicinity, the infrastructure facilities will be built: athletes' locker rooms, a coaching room and a storage room for equipment. The area is designed with the account of the needs of people with limited mobility.

Project parameters:

  •  Training ground with artificial turf: 105 x 68 m

  •  Four athletic tracks 400 m each

  •  Two athletic tracks 130 m each

  •  Zones for high and long jumps

  •  Demountable grand stands for 500 seats

  •  Commentary booth

Community center

It is intended for organizational purposes and support of delegations during the period of the Summer World University Games. In front of the main entrance to the building, there is a parking lot for cars and buses. There will be a total of 91 car places, including those for people with limited mobility.

Project parameters:

  •  The total area of the building: 31,350 sq. m

  •  Number of floors: 5

  •   Sports arena with stands for 450 seats and a gym

Functional sectors for the period of the Universiade:

  •  International Welcome and Accreditation Center

  •  Delegations’ Offices with a total area of 3,441 sq. m

  •  Restaurant with a dining hall for 600 seats

  •  Sports Center with arena and gym

  •  Data Processing Center

  •  Joint Security Services Point

  •  The Universiade Village Administration

After the Universiade, in the "legacy" mode, the Public Center will be used for further development of the scientific and educational potential of the Ural Federal University.

Functional sectors for the legacy period:

  •  Electronic library, classrooms and computer labs with a total capacity of 1,116 seats

  •  A multipurpose room for conferences forums, and presentations for 250 people

  •  Restaurant for 600 seats

  •  Data Processing Center

  •  Joint Security Services Point

  •  Dormitory Premises Administration

Medical Center

At the time of the competition, it will be used for primary health care. An ambulance parking is provided in front of the building.

Project parameters:

  •  The total area of the building: 7,238 sq. m

  •  Number of floors: 4/5

  •  Capacity: 300 people per shift

Functional blocks:

  •  Anti doping control unit, clinical diagnostic laboratory

  •  Infectious diseases department, day patient facility

  •  Division of emergency traumatological services, physiotherapy department

  •  Offices of functional diagnostics, dental department

  •  Pharmacy

Dormitories for Athletes

Five dormitory complexes for the guests of the competitions will be placed on 11 hectares in the center of the complex. Later, they will be re-equipped for 8.5 thousand students of the Ural Federal University.

The facades of the buildings are made in the Scandinavian style, in two colors: sandy gray and terracotta gray. The center of attraction and leisure of guests will be a multifunctional central plaza built as an amphitheater with benches on two sides. There are also sports and playgrounds for outdoor activities.

Project parameters:

  •  The total area of five buildings: 209,185 sq. m

  •  Buildings with different number of floors: 10 - 14 floors

  •  Number of living rooms in one hostel: 870

  •  The Plaza 

  • Sports and playgrounds

Planning Solutions:

  •  Central corridor: living spaces are located on both sides of the building and exit in a common corridor.

  •  Each room, designed for two people, has a kitchen niche, an entrance hall and a combination bathroom with a shower booth. There are also rooms, which may be equally used for people with limited mobility.

  •  On each floor, there are rooms for washing, drying and ironing clothes, a switch room, a room for janitorial supplies, a study room, a massage room, and a recreation area.

  •  Each building has six elevators: three with a lifting capacity of 1000 kg and three with a lifting capacity of 400 kg.

  •  The ground floors accommodate administrative and utility rooms, a switchboard room, and a server room.