Novy Svet residential district comprehensive development project

2014 - 2023гг.
Total area of the district

Novy Svet is a special project for the contemporary Volgograd. The right to develop the land plot within the boundaries of Timiryazeva- Erina- Malinovskogo streets was acquired by Sinara Development in 2011 at an open auction organized by the land plot’s owner - the Federal Foundation for Promotion of Housing Construction (RZhS Foundation). This was one of the first auctions of federal land in Volgograd and in all of Russia.

More details

The residential district’s construction began in July of 2012. Today, Novy Svet is a modern, family-focused neighborhood with a well-developed infrastructure. Territory zoning, balancing of public and commercial areas, use of up-to-date planning and construction solutions enable Sinara-Development to create the most comfortable environment for the district’s residents.

Project concept

The Novy Svet residential development project is based on European standards of comprehensive urban development.

The residential district consists of several groups of low-rise and medium-rise residential buildings, around which parking lots, recreation areas, and social infrastructure facilities are conveniently located.

The space within the district is arranged in accordance with the "Territory of a Happy Childhood" concept. Mixed-use developmental playgrounds and sports grounds and a bicycle path have been built in Novy Svet to enable its residents to engage in outdoor activities and family recreation. Cozy courtyards and a landscaped park with comfortable seating areas have become  favorite places for leisure and socializing of the residents. Novy Svet leads an active, eventful life. Holidays are being celebrated here, entertainment and sporting events are being held, residents participate in neighborhood cleanups - all of these events serve to promote stronger and better neighborly relations.

The scale of the project, the use of advanced building materials and technologies made it possible to reduce the cost of housing construction, so apartments in Novy Svet appear affordable to Volgograd’s residents. Housing affordability was from the get go one of essential conditions for cooperation between Sinara Development and the RZhS Foundation within the framework of implementation of the “Affordable and Comfortable Housing for the Citizens of Russia” national priority project.


Volgograd, Sovetskiy distric


80 000 m2

Total area of housing under construction

7 hectares

Built-over area

5–23 floors

Number of floors


Project implementation timeframe


12 apartment buildings commissioned and put in operation.

In 2015, a kindergarten was opened in the “Novy Svet” residential area.

In 2017, a public garden appeared in the “Novy Svet”, and an ice rink was organized in winter.

Currently, Sinara-Development continues to develop the area and its infrastructure. The construction of a 16-storeyed luxury building is nearing completion. Construction of two new 23-storeyed residential blocks has begun.

All the objects were commissioned on time or ahead of schedule.